Peter Torres Fremlin

Me, smiling, with a camera strap round my neck. I have a beard, glasses, and short curly hair.

Hi! I work in international cooperation, mainly on inclusion of persons with disabilities. I like learning languages and about new cultures.

I’m back in the UK after 12 years living in Brazil, Bangladesh, Switzerland (briefly) and Egypt.

I run Disability Debrief to keep up with disability news from around the world and the people that are making change happen. I am a freelance consultant and my work on disability focusses on employment and on mainstreaming disability.

For some of my personal writing:

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Please get in touch !

I love to talk about disability and many other things. My consultancy is pretty full these days, but I’m always interested to collaborate. I try to keep time for volunteer work for local grassroots organizations or disabled people’s organizations, so if I can support what you’re doing, let me know.