Peter Torres Fremlin

Me, smiling, with a camera strap round my neck. I have a beard, glasses, and short curly hair.

Hi! I work in international cooperation, mainly on inclusion of persons with disabilities. I like learning languages and about new cultures.

I’m back in the UK after 12 years living in Brazil, Bangladesh, Switzerland (briefly) and Egypt.

My work on disability focusses on employment and on mainstreaming disability. I am a freelance consultant, working with international development partners.

The languages I speak best are English, Portuguese, Bengali and (Egyptian) Arabic. I lived and worked in Bangladesh for over four years.

You can see some of my work:

Please get in touch !

I love to talk about disability and many other things. My consultancy is pretty full these days, but I’m always interested to collaborate. I try to keep time for volunteer work for local grassroots organizations or disabled people’s organizations, so if I can support what you’re doing, let me know.